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DevelopmentJanuary 20, 2013

New randomlygifted update brings more gift ideas and hopefully less garbage

One of my many side projects is randomlygifted, a random gift idea generator. It’s a site that constantly searches through Amazon, finds cool stuff (mostly) and then spits it out in a completely random fashion. I like to use it as a nice starting point when trying to figure out what kind of gifts to get people.


Clear Note Widget (Sticky Note App) Now Available For Android Phones

Yes, you heard it here first. I actually released an Android app.

To be honest, this isn’t my first foray (and probably won’t be the last) into Android. The first was an attempt to make a fun “game” that consisted of the Android mascot running on top of an infinitely-long office building. Or at least running until he (she? it?) crashed into a conveniently-placed, official US Postal Service mailbox.

php.angbox: teaching php since 2011.

php.angbox: teaching PHP in a not-so-boring way.

In my quest for total Internet domination, I’ve decided to launch a new section of angbox for learning PHP. It’s called: Learning PHP.

It's Amazon EC2 to the rescue!

Gaming Amazon EC2 to get more web hosting for less

Like countless others, my web sites are running under Amazon EC2, the cloud-based web service. It has been, at least for anything above the free “micro” tier, rock solid. But the costs are certainly not the cheapest cloud hosting around. How do you get around that?

Don't let your website migration turn into this.

Things to Remember When Migrating a Website

After undergoing a multi-site migration only to watch things crash and burn, I’ve come up with a checklist of what to remember when migrating a website.

Get nginx and apache set up in 30 minutes.

Setting Up nginx and Apache in 30 minutes

The angbox blog and all of my other web sites are now running on a lethal combination of nginx and Apache. That’s a huge improvement from a week ago, when my sites were barely running. If you’re looking for an alternative to running Apache by its bloated lonesome, check out this guide. If you’re looking for the latest saga of my Japan trip, or another post that has absolutely nothing to do with web development, you might want to skip it.

Restore the MySQL Root User in a WAMP Setup

Reset the Root User or Password in a MySQL WAMP Setup

Running MySQL in a Windows XAMPP test environment is pretty common. Having to restore the root user, or having to reset the root user password, however, is not. Here’s how to get your root user back up and running on your WAMP system in no time.


angbox: version 5



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About angbox

Angbox is the personal blog of Cary Ang, a web developer from New Jersey, and an attempt to write about the random things that move him.
php.angbox: now open


An effort to teach practical PHP to programmers and non-programmers alike. Not sure where this is going...

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New randomlygifted update brings more gift ideas and hopefully...

One of my many side projects is randomlygifted, a random gift idea generator. It's a site that constantly searches through Ama...
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